Dead by Daylight Beginner’s Guide: Mastering Survival and Horror

Introduction to Dead by Daylight

If you’ve spent a week or three getting chased in Dead by Daylight by Jason or Freddy Krueger, you’d find yourself nodding at everything I’ve just told you. Or if you’re just a beginner encountering this horrormark survival .io game for the first time, this guide is written with you in mind. Here, we’ll take you through some tips and tricks for both survivors and killers in Dead by Daylight.

Starting Your Journey

System Requirements and Initial Setup

Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for Dead by Daylight before proceeding.

Understanding Game Mechanics

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game where one killer pursues four survivors. You have to know the basics, like as a survivor that you have to repair generators, and that as a killer you have to track and grab survivors.

Playing as a Survivor

Learning the Maps

Every map has its own emplacements and safe zones. Get to know them before escaping death at the hands of the killer.

Mastering Survival Skills

Survivors must repair generators in order to escape. Learn to repair, sneak, and avoid the killer, and when is the best time to save fellow survivors or just run away.

Playing as the Killer

Choosing Your Killer

Each killer has different powers. Pick one that fits your play style and then master their powers to hunt down and trap survivors.

Controlling the Arena

To be a killer, you need to control the map. Know how to patrol generators, predict the movement of survivors, and be aware of the choke points that stop the escape of your prey.

Advanced Strategies

Teamwork and Communication

In order to survive, everyone on your team needs to play their part. Use recognised in-game signals or other communication tools outside of the game to co-ordinate actions with each other, warn of the killer’s location, and plan how to rescue each other. Be safe out there!

Mind Games and Psychology

Psychological tricks can be used on each side: if you are a survivor, throw the killer off by planting false trails; if you are a killer, track the behaviour of survivors so you can ambush them.

Understanding the Role of Cheats

The Impact of Cheats

Dead by Daylight has a history of conflict around cheating. When you’re playing, remember that cheats might be present, but that you should instead concentrate on improving your gameplay and strategy within the game’s accepted boundaries.

Staying Current

Adapting to Updates

The state of the game in Dead by Daylight is always evolving – new killers, new survivors and new map locations mean that you should always be checking for updates to the game. Check out our Dead by Daylight update page to see what’s new. Keep tracks of new ways to play – how you approach the game should always be relevant to what you’re facing with each play through.

Continuous Learning and Practice

The key to winning at Dead by Daylight is experience, with players getting better as they gain greater proficiency and develop strategies through regular play and cumulative learning from each match.


Dead by Daylight is full of build-ups, gut-wrenches and comebacks: an ever-changing kind of horror survival where learning its inner rules, tactics, and cycles will inevitably help you rise up, either as the hunted or as the hunter.

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