Heroes of the Storm Beginner’s Guide: Navigating the Nexus

Introduction to Heroes of the Storm

Being a veteran HotS hero/shaman/wizard/witch/warrior/warlock who walks between the realms of Burning Hell and Bronze League, I have engaged in skirmishes around the Nexus’s diverse locations. This guide will introduce you to the basic and advanced tactics needed for activities in HotS.

Starting Your Adventure in the Nexus

System Requirements and Setup

Make sure your PC is up to the job of HotS, so you can play without any hitches while those precious seconds tick away. Optimum reactions are needed for the best strategies.

Understanding the Game

HotS is a team-based MOBA in which players draft characters from Blizzard’s universe to compete on diverse battlegrounds, each of which feature different objectives to decide the outcome of gameplay.

Selecting Your Hero

Hero Types and Roles

HotS has multiple heroes of varied roles – Tank, Bruiser, Support, Healer, or Damage – choose a hero to suit your play style and the type of team you would like to form.

Abilities and Talents

Each of the heroes has a different core set of abilities as well as a talent tree that can be customised based on your current level during a match. These options play an important role in optimising your hero.

Core Gameplay Mechanics

Battleground Objectives

HotS is really all about the battleground objectives: if your team captures them, you can gain huge advantages and get a win.

Experience and Leveling

On the other hand, HotS focuses on what could be called team-levelling: collective experience gained by the player’s team as a whole by soaking as much experience from a lane’s minion waves as possible from the rebelling computer army. In classic MOBAs, players garner experience not for themselves, but for their characters, effectively team levelling. Soak as much as possible to level up more, but whichever character initially kills the most minions from a wave receives bonus experience. In HotS, each member of the team benefits from a minimal amount of experience – assuming they aren’t doing things like dragging minions away from the core, staking out isolated areas of the map and so on. Team levelling assures that everyone in the team is making progress, resulting in a shallow chasm of experience between those who push the tide of battle and the laggards. As well as providing an alternative to the traditional progression of solo levelling, HotS explores its own version of the level grind in even more interesting ways.

Advanced Game Strategies

Map Awareness and Positioning

Knowing where your enemy is in the world and choosing good locations to fight or contest an objective can be the difference between life and death, victory or defeat.

Team Fights and Coordination

Every decision in HotS is optimised for the group, not the individual. Knowing when and how to capitalise on such fights – and how to talk with your team to make it happen – will often might mean the difference between winning and losing. HotS is an immensely team-dependent game, in which fights are most often won and lost through proper communication and coordination.

The Competitive Scene and Cheating

Entering Ranked Play

Ranked play is where you can hone your laning techniques with precise counters against an equal opponent. It’s more utilitarian than just casual LoL – you need to know more than just competent play to get someone interested.

Understanding Cheats

While cheating is undeniably a reality in many games on the web, try your best to develop your skills and gameplay. Be aware that there are cheats, but play by the rules and hone your skills.

Continuous Improvement and Community Engagement

Staying Updated with the Meta

New heroes are added to HotS, and regularly change the ‘meta’ or balance, which adds key elements in maintaining a competitive environment. It is important to keep abreast of these meta-effects to remain competitive.

Engaging with the HotS Community

The other players are the best source of tips, strategies and game updates: hang out in the forums, watch streams, get to know the players.


Coming into Heroes of the Storm, you will sensations few other MOBA games can match, an experience that mixes fast-paced action with strategic team play, learning to adapt, improving and coordinating as a team to be successful.


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