Ultimate FIFA Tutorial for Beginners

Welcome to FIFA

I have become a card-carrying, match-playing, superstar-purchasing member of FIFA’s fanbase, braving the ups and downs of different tournaments built on different gameplay and mechanics with the goal of helping you, the reader, find your entry point to FIFA as you start a new season of involvement in 2024-2025.

Getting Started in FIFA

System Requirements and Game Setup

Make sure your gaming set-up is as up to date as the latest FIFA system requirements so as not to miss out on that split second extra, and you can react better, thus enjoying the game even more.

Understanding FIFA’s Game Modes

FIFA boasts a variety of modes, from career to online leagues. Familiarise yourself with each to discover which one suits your playing style well, and which you should focus on bolstering your skill set.

Gameplay Essentials

Basic Controls and Mechanics

So get to know the basics well enough to pass, shoot and defend – practice these like crazy.

Tactical Play and Formations

A tactical area where you can get some results with only a basic understanding is formation and play style. These will make a difference to your performance so experiment with a few options to see what works best for your way of playing.

Advanced Gameplay Techniques

Skill Moves and When to Use Them

Skill moves win games. Know the skill moves that are available to you and learn how to perform them so you know how and where to use them when you get on the pitch in training or in a tournament.

Managing Your Team and Transfers

In mode, such as career or ultimate team, you’re in charge of managing your squad and making transfers, selecting players to create a balanced team that suits your preferred play style to maximise long-term success.

The Competitive Scene and Cheating

Playing Fair and Understanding Cheats

Play the game by the rules, learn to play well while being fair and sportsmanlike. Sure you had to deal with the player who wanted to cheat to win, but you did not join him in his predicaments. You knew of his propensity to cheat, thus you watched the game even more closely to be cognizant of any irregularities.

Staying Ahead in FIFA

Training and Continuous Learning

Keeping up-to-date on the changes FIFA undergoes, such as new tactics incorporated and changes in incoming players, will keep you updated and having a competitive edge. Their advice is to practice daily and constantly stay up-to-date on the changes.

Joining the Community and Learning from Others

What I mean is, watching game-related videos on FIFA, reading tutorials, getting some insights from the FIFA community and from top players can help you to be more informed and to be a better player.


Starting on your way with FIFA is an adventure in a virtual football world. Following the correct strategies, and being dedicated, can lead you to the top in the FIFA world. Good luck and enjoy your descent into the world of FIFA, and let it be the most rewarding and fair experience.

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